And in other news….


We’re going back to DC for the summer for more business trips. David’s company just can’t stand to loose him, and they pull him back every chance they get, he’ll be gone for 6 weeks and I’ll be gone for about 3. Business trip for David equals Vacation for Jenny!

We’re buying a Condo here in Hyde Park. We’ll be a block off of campus and it will be SO nice to be that close. Only 5 blocks to David’s classes, to church, to the Hyde Park Produce (local groceries). Crazy thing is, we’re paying the same price for this condo, that I did for a house and a yard in Colorado Springs. It’s amazing how expectations change depending on location. It’s a two bed one bath with NO parking (so sad). The second bedroom is NOT going to be the office or the craft room, so guests, you’ll actually have a room to stay in when you come instead of sleeping in our living room (until kids come).

Let’s see, today (Friday) we stated working in the Chicago Temple. What a great way to spend our Fridays. We’ll be working in the temple every Friday (until kids come). I love wearing my temple dress, it’s so comfy. Wish me luck with the memorization!

Oh, one last thing that’s “new” with us, I got released from working in the Primary (SO SAD), and am now working as the Relief Society Secretary / VT Coordinator. I’m excited to meet more ladies in our ward and make more friends. It’ll keep me nice and busy.


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  1. Hooray! Congrats on the condo. I want to come visit. Tyler and I work in the Jordan River temple on Friday nights as well. We're in the baptistry, so I don't have any tips on memorizing. I love it!

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