Monthly Archives: June 2009

Hand Embroidery


This Thursday we’ll be going over how to hand embroider. This idea comes from (well, I’ll be darned, I can’t find the magazine I got it from, but once I find it I will let you know), I found the pattern to follow on line at

I had this apron (originally white), that was pretty cheep, so I decided to dye it blue and add the embroidered pattern to it. Failing to think up a clever idea myself, I just did like the magazine did with the mixing bowl and mixers with spoon and spatula sticking out of the pocket.

And in other news….


We’re going back to DC for the summer for more business trips. David’s company just can’t stand to loose him, and they pull him back every chance they get, he’ll be gone for 6 weeks and I’ll be gone for about 3. Business trip for David equals Vacation for Jenny!

We’re buying a Condo here in Hyde Park. We’ll be a block off of campus and it will be SO nice to be that close. Only 5 blocks to David’s classes, to church, to the Hyde Park Produce (local groceries). Crazy thing is, we’re paying the same price for this condo, that I did for a house and a yard in Colorado Springs. It’s amazing how expectations change depending on location. It’s a two bed one bath with NO parking (so sad). The second bedroom is NOT going to be the office or the craft room, so guests, you’ll actually have a room to stay in when you come instead of sleeping in our living room (until kids come).

Let’s see, today (Friday) we stated working in the Chicago Temple. What a great way to spend our Fridays. We’ll be working in the temple every Friday (until kids come). I love wearing my temple dress, it’s so comfy. Wish me luck with the memorization!

Oh, one last thing that’s “new” with us, I got released from working in the Primary (SO SAD), and am now working as the Relief Society Secretary / VT Coordinator. I’m excited to meet more ladies in our ward and make more friends. It’ll keep me nice and busy.

1 year down, and how many to go?


Hurray, he did it, way to go, Yahoo!  Husband graduated from the University of Chicago. And yet, we’re really just getting started.

Husband has graduated with a Masters in International Relations and is now going on to do a PhD in Political Science.

Husband is such a hard worker and really it seems that I am his good luck charm. Since we’ve been married, all of his hard work is finally paying off. As you may or may not know, Husband has continued to work for the same company from DC, and they do NOT want to loose him as an employee. They are finding any opportunity just to keep Husband on staff. Husband’s Masters Thesis (or something on the same topic I believe) is going to be published and presented (next year) and on TV (at least that’s what I’ve been told). All of these great opportunities are just popping up for Husband to do and he’s having to turn some away because it’s too much. Lack of job offers is not a problem for Husband.

I’m so proud of my hubby and we’re excited to get through these next 5 years here in Chicago and see where we end up next.