Belated Birthday Wishes


I went to Utah for two whole weeks and got ever so spoiled by my Mother-in-law. We went shopping regularly, we attended Women’s Conference at BYU and I even got my teeth cleaned. (Who has their teeth cleaned while on vacation? Random, I know, but hey.)

I worked real hard and bought myself a brand new sewing machine! I got a Viking – Sapphire, I love it and I’m excited to make a ton of things with it.

My Dad took me to see Wicked in SLC (way fun), and I got to have dinner with my half brother and sister too.

My Mom came down from Boise just to craft with me. I really loved having her help with a few quilts I’m working on. I love being with my Mom and wish we could get together weekly to craft.

The day after I got home it was my BIRTHDAY!  Husband had planned me a party, with lots of friends and food. Even Daisy (our dog) got me a little present.

What a funny card. The writing says “treat, treat, walk, dinner”; those are the only words Daisy really knows. The great thing is, that’s the same kind of dog that Daisy is (they don’t quite look the same, but the same type of dog at least).


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  1. Dang, Jenny — I wish I’d known you were in Utah! I would have loved to meet up with you! As it is, I’m sorry I didn’t wish you a happy birthday yet…..I definitely thought about you the whole week prior (“Oh, next week is Jenny’s birthday…”). I hope you’ll forgive me, and I’m glad you had a good one!

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