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Tag Your It!


This craft comes from “The Creative Homemaker“. I’ve seen things like this before, but I found a blogger who has a tutorial on how to make it. I had fabric to make a blanket out of this stuff, and with the extras, I made this washcloth size tagged blanket.

From what I understand babies LOVE to chew on the tags, especially when they are teething. I choose blue themed ribbons and red thread with a wavy stitch. I love the silk feel on one side and the textured feel on the other.

Easy to make, only took maybe 30 min. Give it a whirl!

You Can Still Quilt


For those of you who want to come to craft night, but don’t have the fabric to get started, no worries, I have three (3) packets of fabric that a awaiting to be made into a quilt. Come, learn, quilt.

(thank you Michaels for supplying a few fat quarter bundles, and JoAnn Fabric for supplying great looking fabric too!)

Quilt Making Phase 1


So this week for craft night we’re going to start making a quilt! This quilt design originated from “Baby Love” a book by Allison Jane Smith, I added my own few quirks to it to make it mine. Quilt making is fun and very versatile. You don’t have to quilt only blankets, you can quilt pillows, handbags or aprons. Featured is my first ever quilt!

First step: pre-wash fabric. Always pre-wash your fabrics in case of shrinking.
We’ll be working on figuring out a design for our quilts and then starting to cut the fabric.

Cami-Crafts: Applique


I hope to get these out before the craft night, but this one is late because I didn’t have anything done to show, and now that craft night is over, I have something to show.

Cami came and showed us how to applique. Now she did a way cute one with a onsie. I had a quilt I was working on and so I appliqued onto a quilt square.

In case you can’t quite tell, it’s an owl. I also appliqued the border.


  1. We cut fabric into desired shape.
  2. Use Iron-on backing to iron to fabric (make sure you’re ironing the correct side)
  3. Basic stitch around shape.
  4. Add a decorative stitch around shape as desired.
  5. Cut any excess fabric or allow to fray.

MA Thesis is done


Well, I finally finished my Thesis. I would make a copy available here, but I am submitting it for publication, probably later this year, and don’t want to undercut myself. That is a good thing, and a bad thing. It is good, because that is a HUGE step towards my PhD, and I am done with it even before I start my PhD Program. But, it has kind of pulled some of the wind out of my sails to complete this quarter. I will suck it up and get it done, though. And on to bigger and better things.

Belated Birthday Wishes


I went to Utah for two whole weeks and got ever so spoiled by my Mother-in-law. We went shopping regularly, we attended Women’s Conference at BYU and I even got my teeth cleaned. (Who has their teeth cleaned while on vacation? Random, I know, but hey.)

I worked real hard and bought myself a brand new sewing machine! I got a Viking – Sapphire, I love it and I’m excited to make a ton of things with it.

My Dad took me to see Wicked in SLC (way fun), and I got to have dinner with my half brother and sister too.

My Mom came down from Boise just to craft with me. I really loved having her help with a few quilts I’m working on. I love being with my Mom and wish we could get together weekly to craft.

The day after I got home it was my BIRTHDAY!  Husband had planned me a party, with lots of friends and food. Even Daisy (our dog) got me a little present.

What a funny card. The writing says “treat, treat, walk, dinner”; those are the only words Daisy really knows. The great thing is, that’s the same kind of dog that Daisy is (they don’t quite look the same, but the same type of dog at least).

Key Keepers!

This week’s craft comes from the magazine “Sew Simple” volume 12.

These key keepers hide the fact that you are wearing a key around your neck. They are cute and fun and very easy to make.

1. Gather felt colors of your choice.
2. Cut felt (using the patterns in the magazine) into desired shapes.
3. Glue pieces on to front. You can also decorate the front by adding beads.
4. Stitch the back to the front with a blanket stitch. Be sure to leave 3/8″ opening at the top and a 1″ opening at the bottom (for the key).
5. Put your key on a ribbon and put on the key keeper!