Time Crawls When You Are Not Having Fun


This past weekend was extremely busy for me (Husband). Starting on Thursday and going through Monday morning, I was participating in activities for prospective students at the University of Chicago. Of course, my role was a little, because I am already here at the University, and because I had already accepted to attend the University. It took a little bit of the mystery from the visit with various professors, some of whom still felt the need to give me the whole spiel on why I should come to UofC, anyway.

The hardest part was the socialization, which I normally attend for the free food, and which I was asked to go to as a sort of double agent to get other people to come to U of C. It wasn’t so bad for me, but I felt badly for my dear wife. The food was great, but the company, no doubt left something to be desired. Especially insofar as Wife is not overly interested in Political Science. Nevertheless, she persevered in the face of adversity.

I must say that in spite of the obstacles placed in her way by the nature of the crowd, and the general topics of discussion, she was the perfect party guest. She got out and socialized, and managed the discussion, and even contributed her two cents on political thought. If you don’t think this is an accomplishment you don’t know the U of C, which is comprised of extremely driven, opinionated, type-A people.

Bottom line, Wife and I went swimming with the sharks and came out unscathed. While this was probably right up there with root canals, I appreciate her support. I couldn’t have done it without her.


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