What Holiday is Red & Green?


I’ll give you a hint, it’s not Christmas! It’s St. Patrick’s Day and a Bulls Game.

The Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, Chicago does things a little different than anywhere else. They dye the the river (running through the city) green. And not just a regular ol’ green, we’re talking neon green!

In the morning Husband and I went for a Shoreline Architecture Boat Cruise, with a St. Patrick’s Day twist. Really the twist is that they provided us with Irish food. This city is very architecturally amazing. Lot’s of old and interesting buildings. When the crowds gathered for the lake dying I was glad to be on the boat and not squished on the bridges.

On our way back from the cruise, we had to wait for the Plumbers Association to dump the orange dye into the river to turn it green. It was neat to be able to have the boat pass right by you as the water changes colors. The lake already looks green, but as I said, they dye it neon green. It only lasts a day, but it’s fun to see.

Something I learned was that the day we cruised, was the last day it’s called the Sears Tower. From here on out it’s called “Willis Tower”.

Then in the evening, we (including the Committee on International Relations) went to a Bulls Basketball game. While I really don’t care about sports, it was still fun to go and now I can say I’ve been to a professional basketball game. They gave out coupons and such and if the Bulls scored 100 points, then everyone would get a free Big Mac from McDonald’s. Well, as you can tell from the picture, they were 3 points away from 100. Everyone in the crowd was chanting “We want a Big Mac” or “Free Big Mac”. It was rather funny. We had game food (hot dogs and fires), got a picture with the team (not for real of course).

Red and Green are fun together in March.


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