The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up


So, the Chicago Temple is closed because it flooded and has been taking 3 months or so to clean up and get running again. It opens March 3rd. However in the mean time, some ladies from our ward couldn’t wait until then to attend the temple so we went on a road trip to go to the Temple. Alexandra, Jenny and I (from the Hyde Park Ward) drove all the way to St. Louis just to do initiatories and a session. Since none of had an available car to drive three people that far, we rented a car and left at 7:30AM. Because of construction it took us 6 hours to get to the temple. Afterword we went to Qudoba and got some dinner and then headed home, arriving about 12:30AM. It was such fun to get out and go to the temple and see a new place.

Enjoy the pictures from our trip…


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  1. Jenny, the worst thing happened to me the a few weeks ago. My internet was down while you were in town, and by the time I got back to my e-mail and remembered that you were having a get together, you were gone. I could kick myself. I miss you and I didn’t get to see you because I have been to scatter-brained to keep up with my calendar. I am so sorry. I hope I can see you next time you come back. We plan on being here a few years. Anyway, I’m sorry. 😦

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