The Never Ending List


I missed my family and I wanted to help out my Mom and her ever so long “to-do” project list, so I packed my bags and flew to Boise, Idaho. During the first week we were able to be very productive, as the second week came and went things tended to slow down a bit. I think I wore us both out. We would get as much done in the morning as we could before Mom had to go to work, then I would continue on projects I didn’t need her here for. I brought a few projects of my own and started some here that I had in mind to do. Here is what we accomplished…
*load Photoshop Elements onto Laptop
*paint garden spindles
*load file with cards
*take pictures of cards to save as a template
*Live, Laugh, Love blocks
*”grand kids” for picture book
*transfer passcodes
*”joy” blocks
*”love” blocks (x2 one for me and one for mom)
*year end files
*6 Be attitudes
*FHE board
*happy birthday banner
*paint sewing/laundry room
*hang large picture in guest room
*hang pictures in my room
*babysit for brothers so they can play with wives
*attend the temple
*sew purse
*”happy birthday” banner
*and many more….

Some of the craft ones we did are shown in the slide show.


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