Up-Hill in Snow Both Ways!


So, it’s only been one week, but I wanted to update you on my fitness progress. As I have said before, it takes Husband pushing me to get started, but really once I’m started, Husband says I’m a pretty good gym partner. I will admit that I don’t do my full hour of cardio every day and sometimes I don’t get around to doing the 100 sit-ups, but I wanted to show you all how dedicated I am. This is me on the day it snowed all day long about 8-10 inches, and I actually made it up to jogging instead of walking the whole time! Husband played with Daisy in the park while I ran around. And then the second pict is me at the gym, self explanatory. I don’t want to jinx it, but according to my initial weigh in and the one from today, I’ve turned 2.5 pounds of fat into muscle. So, not really weight loss, but fat loss at least. Wahoo!


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