Monthly Archives: January 2009

Trash into Treasure


Our ward is holding a “Junk Swap” soon, so I’ve been cleaning out some rooms and boxes and making a (large) pile of things to give away. When I found the napkin rings I thought, “I really like these, but I never use them”. Not wanting to give them away I decided to make something useful out of them. Ta*Da! Candle holders! I stacked 4 of them up, hot glued them together and stuck a tea light in the top and now have beautiful silver candle holders. *Beat that Martha Stewart*

Up-Hill in Snow Both Ways!


So, it’s only been one week, but I wanted to update you on my fitness progress. As I have said before, it takes Husband pushing me to get started, but really once I’m started, Husband says I’m a pretty good gym partner. I will admit that I don’t do my full hour of cardio every day and sometimes I don’t get around to doing the 100 sit-ups, but I wanted to show you all how dedicated I am. This is me on the day it snowed all day long about 8-10 inches, and I actually made it up to jogging instead of walking the whole time! Husband played with Daisy in the park while I ran around. And then the second pict is me at the gym, self explanatory. I don’t want to jinx it, but according to my initial weigh in and the one from today, I’ve turned 2.5 pounds of fat into muscle. So, not really weight loss, but fat loss at least. Wahoo!

Did You Know?


Every year I (like many others) make goals at the new year and did you know that I am pretty sure that these goals have been the same since I started making goals, when I was about 12 or so? Even still I thought I’d share my goals in a reverse way so that you, my blogging friends can keep me in check so that I’m still working on my goals come February.

*Did you know that I will only stick to a fitness program if Husband is pushing me through (thanks Husband)

*Did you know that I love making lists and crossing things off, but still don’t get everything done on my lists

* Or that I usually only clean the house when we’re going to leave town

*That I’m almost half way through the Book of Mormon, but I think I started it a year or so ago

*Even with a prayer rock and a sign by my door reading “did you think to pray”, I still sometimes forget

*Did you know that at our house Husband does most (all) the cooking, but now he’s in there teaching me how to create meals too.

* Or that I forget to prepare my Sunbeam class lesson and end up reading it for less than 5 min. on Saturday night

* Or did you know that I am a slow reader and haven’t found a lot of books I really enjoy

*That Husband and I, as we were about to fall asleep talked briefly about our goals and called it Family Home Evening, because we had forgotten about it

*That we live in a big city and we haven’t toured around or surrounding cities

*Did you know that I have 4 major craft projects that are going to end up in book form

All these things that I bet you didn’t know about me. This is not my way of bashing on myself. Although, for those of you out there who may think I’m perfect, here is proof that I’m not. So, for those of you who didn’t quite catch it, my goals are:

*Become healthy through exercise and eating right
*List everything I need to do in a day and get things done
*Clean the house weekly and stay on top of laundry
*Study the scriptures daily
*Remember to pray night and day
*Cook 4 days a week
*Prepare Sunday lesson the week before
*Read 1 book a month
*Family Home Evening weekly
*Take weekend trips to see the sights and neighboring cities (Nauvoo for example)
*Work on crafts: scan scrapbook to make digital, type journal, create digital scrapbook, combine and create own cook book

Here is to a new year and hopefully a new me (or at least an improved me).

Fashionably Late


You may have guessed that I’m not very fashionable, and have always felt at least a year behind in anything, but why didn’t anybody tell me about bangs? I recently got my hair cut and found the beauty wonder of bangs. Looking back the last time I had bangs I realize it was in the 8th grade, 1997. Looking at these pictures it maybe no wonder I never wanted to try bangs again. Even still, I’m glad I tried them again, because I love my new haircut! (click on image to see it larger)