Travel Delays


Husband and I had planned on driving to Utah for the Christmas holiday, but I fell ill for a few days and instead of meeting Mom Brown in Utah for the weekend before Christmas, she flew to Chicago just to see us! While taking it easy Mom and I baked cookies and decorated them so pretty that nobody wanted to eat them. We ate them anyway.

We ventured out for a day and went to Hershey, Ghiradelli and got all the free samples. We then went and did a mother-daughter to the American Girl Place. I had once gotten a gift of one of the girls (Kirsten) and apparently my mom has been collecting all her accessories for me. This was a fun surprise.

We finished up some projects and just relaxed. It was good to relax and enjoy time with my mom for a few days.

*Mom, I still miss you and am already planning a trip to Idaho*


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  1. Where to begin?I wish I could have made cookies with you and very much wish I could have eatin’ them too….They do look amazing. Very artistic!I’m so glad your mom was able to come visit you while you were feeling sick. What a nice mom! I hope you feel better Jenny. You’re the greatest!I bet your mom loves her one and only little girl so much!I just had another fantastic idea. Maybe I could convince Mike to let me come visit you for a weekend soon. Can we go to all the fun places in Chicago if I do? Keep your eye out for cheap flights from Dulles to Chicago!That bag looks awesome! I secretly want a bag with fabric like that. 😉

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