Merry Christmas to All


So, I did not have enough cards to go to everyone I wanted (all my blogging friends), so I will post my Christmas card here for you.

(Front of the card)

(Picture in the card)

(Printed in the card…)

Benson Family 2008

January:Husband had two-week long business trips this month

February: Brent Sohn and family came to visit

March:We did a 5-mile hike.

April: Happy Anniversary.We went on a cruise to Mexico to celebrate our first year of marriage.

May: Husband was gone all month with business trips.

June: Husband was only gone for two weeks this month, while Wife took a 4-week sewing class.

July: Two more weeks of business trips this month for Husband.We also went apartment hunting in Chicago and Wife went to Orientation at IIT.

August:We moved to Chicago so Husband could attend University of Chicago.David also had another business trip to Hawaii.

September: I joined Husband in Hawaii for a whole week, only missing one class at IIT.  One last week long trip for Husband.

October: Husband has finally started school.Mom and Dad come to visit on their way home from their mission in Canada.

November: School, school, and more school!  We did go to the Seaman’s for Thanksgiving in California.

December: End of classes for a nice long Christmas break, we’ll be in Utah with the Benson Family.

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a glorious new year, filled with love and dreams that come true.

With Greatest Love,


(Daisy too!)


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