Chinatown — Chicago


I made a Chinese friend at IIT (yea, one friend!) and I thought it would be fun to have David talk to him to brush up on his Chinese (Husband’s, not my friends), so my friend picked out a wonderful restaurant in Chinatown, and had the most authentic, and best Chinese food we’ve ever had here in the United States.

Here is how the meal works. They bring a large bowl (on a single burner) which is split down the middle (one side is spicy and the other, not so spicy), then they bring two plates, one with meat, and one with non-meat. You put what you want into the bowl to boil for a moment, then you fish it out and eat it.

I will admit there was a lot I was not really willing to try, but for the most part I liked what I did try.

(Put your mouse over the pictures to see the titles)


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  1. I want to go out and eat Chinese food with you! It sounds like it was yummy and it would have been fun to hear David speaking Chinese.Hey I have a fantastic idea! Come back to DC and we’ll go to Chinatown here. 😉

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