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Travel Delays


Husband and I had planned on driving to Utah for the Christmas holiday, but I fell ill for a few days and instead of meeting Mom Brown in Utah for the weekend before Christmas, she flew to Chicago just to see us! While taking it easy Mom and I baked cookies and decorated them so pretty that nobody wanted to eat them. We ate them anyway.

We ventured out for a day and went to Hershey, Ghiradelli and got all the free samples. We then went and did a mother-daughter to the American Girl Place. I had once gotten a gift of one of the girls (Kirsten) and apparently my mom has been collecting all her accessories for me. This was a fun surprise.

We finished up some projects and just relaxed. It was good to relax and enjoy time with my mom for a few days.

*Mom, I still miss you and am already planning a trip to Idaho*

Merry Christmas to All


So, I did not have enough cards to go to everyone I wanted (all my blogging friends), so I will post my Christmas card here for you.

(Front of the card)

(Picture in the card)

(Printed in the card…)

Benson Family 2008

January:Husband had two-week long business trips this month

February: Brent Sohn and family came to visit

March:We did a 5-mile hike.

April: Happy Anniversary.We went on a cruise to Mexico to celebrate our first year of marriage.

May: Husband was gone all month with business trips.

June: Husband was only gone for two weeks this month, while Wife took a 4-week sewing class.

July: Two more weeks of business trips this month for Husband.We also went apartment hunting in Chicago and Wife went to Orientation at IIT.

August:We moved to Chicago so Husband could attend University of Chicago.David also had another business trip to Hawaii.

September: I joined Husband in Hawaii for a whole week, only missing one class at IIT.  One last week long trip for Husband.

October: Husband has finally started school.Mom and Dad come to visit on their way home from their mission in Canada.

November: School, school, and more school!  We did go to the Seaman’s for Thanksgiving in California.

December: End of classes for a nice long Christmas break, we’ll be in Utah with the Benson Family.

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a glorious new year, filled with love and dreams that come true.

With Greatest Love,


(Daisy too!)

The Beloved Christmas Card


Usually I buy a stack of Christmas cards at the end of the year when they are on sale to use for the following year. However, last year I thought I didn’t want to use cards and just do a picture post card. Turns out I really did want a Christmas Card this year, so I bought some stamps and had a ton of paper, and off I went making 100 Christmas Cards.

My apologies to those who did not make the card list, while I would love to include you, we already have 100 people on our list, and don’t know if we can afford postage for too many more.

(click on the image to view it bigger)

Chinatown — Chicago


I made a Chinese friend at IIT (yea, one friend!) and I thought it would be fun to have David talk to him to brush up on his Chinese (Husband’s, not my friends), so my friend picked out a wonderful restaurant in Chinatown, and had the most authentic, and best Chinese food we’ve ever had here in the United States.

Here is how the meal works. They bring a large bowl (on a single burner) which is split down the middle (one side is spicy and the other, not so spicy), then they bring two plates, one with meat, and one with non-meat. You put what you want into the bowl to boil for a moment, then you fish it out and eat it.

I will admit there was a lot I was not really willing to try, but for the most part I liked what I did try.

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