Okay, so I know that Thanksgiving is days away, but I’ve had technical problems with Photoshop, so I’m just now getting my page done. Well, that and school is coming to a brisk close and there is more to do that I thought.

So the Monday before, Husband and I went to Family Home evening at the Madson home and we carved pumpkins for our activity. Husband and I are so boring we did a silly face. There was also a cat and the Chicago skyline.

Halloween night we went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat. Not knowing what to do for costumes, we decided to go Chinese, we both just had something in the closet, why not. Daisy wore the tu-tu I made for her last year. For Halloween we don’t give out candy, instead we give out boxes of Crayola Crayons, we ran short a few boxes, but hey, no left over candy for us to get fat on!

The Trunk-or-Treat is also a ward soup cook off, everyone brings something and then they are judged. Husband made a Ham-Hawk Stew, and when the ham bone came popping out, nobody wanted to eat it. (I told him to take it out, that it looked gross). We also saw Pack-man.


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