Living in Chicago


Husband and I are learning that we are not really city people. We don’t like the crowded streets, where people stop anywhere to get out of their cars, or people who think it’s okay to walk in the middle of the street. We don’t like living 5 blocks from President Obama. The high security has forced us to go 4 extra blocks to get home from church. We don’t like the dirty and smelly streets. Or the 10.5% taxes.

Although, there are a few nice things about living where we are (for now). We do like living close to the lake and to University of Chicago. Our ward is good and so is the public transportation. We love that the temple isn’t too far away that we can go at least once a month.

All in all, I think we won’t live in the city for too long, but just long enough for Husband to finish his Masters.


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  1. You use to live 30 minutes from the President in your old place! You just moved a little closer. I guess we are not alike in all things. Go Obama! :)I think it would be fun to live in a city for just a little while! New York City!

  2. Jenny!! I’m so glad you found me!! And now we get to keep in touch through the blogging world. Yipee!! You have been up to a lot! You too look happy! You and David are so sweet together. I’m glad the temple is near so you get some peace and quiet every now and then. Well have a wonderful week and tell Daisy hi for me. :)By the way for the most part all your help with organizing my stuff has been staying organized. 🙂

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