Wii would like to play…


Husband’s Mom and Dad  have returned from the mission in Canada, and on the drive home they stopped in Chicago for a few days to visit us. Hurray for our first Chicago visitors! We had to introduce them to Wii and all the fun games to be played. While it took them longer to figure out how to drive in Mario Cart, they seemed to really enjoy bOwLiNg. No heavy ball to lift, but still a great game.

It was great to see mom and dad BoXiNg each other. Take it easy tiger, it’s just a game… What a workout, even my arms were tired after a few rounds. We could not go without creating a Mii for them. I get a kick out of how much their Mii looked like them.



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  1. Haha, that is so funny…you know, I don’t really like video games but I would actually love to own a Wii. They are so much fun! That’s neat that you got to spend some time with your in-laws…I hope everything else is going well for you!

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