Monthly Archives: November 2008



Okay, so I know that Thanksgiving is days away, but I’ve had technical problems with Photoshop, so I’m just now getting my page done. Well, that and school is coming to a brisk close and there is more to do that I thought.

So the Monday before, Husband and I went to Family Home evening at the Madson home and we carved pumpkins for our activity. Husband and I are so boring we did a silly face. There was also a cat and the Chicago skyline.

Halloween night we went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat. Not knowing what to do for costumes, we decided to go Chinese, we both just had something in the closet, why not. Daisy wore the tu-tu I made for her last year. For Halloween we don’t give out candy, instead we give out boxes of Crayola Crayons, we ran short a few boxes, but hey, no left over candy for us to get fat on!

The Trunk-or-Treat is also a ward soup cook off, everyone brings something and then they are judged. Husband made a Ham-Hawk Stew, and when the ham bone came popping out, nobody wanted to eat it. (I told him to take it out, that it looked gross). We also saw Pack-man.

Living in Chicago


Husband and I are learning that we are not really city people. We don’t like the crowded streets, where people stop anywhere to get out of their cars, or people who think it’s okay to walk in the middle of the street. We don’t like living 5 blocks from President Obama. The high security has forced us to go 4 extra blocks to get home from church. We don’t like the dirty and smelly streets. Or the 10.5% taxes.

Although, there are a few nice things about living where we are (for now). We do like living close to the lake and to University of Chicago. Our ward is good and so is the public transportation. We love that the temple isn’t too far away that we can go at least once a month.

All in all, I think we won’t live in the city for too long, but just long enough for Husband to finish his Masters.

Um … yeah…


So, I went and did the whole BBC thing. It was largely a waste of time. I only made two comments, because they were all over the place with what was going on. Here is a picture of me with the presenter, who is I guess famous in England. I learned what I wanted to learn, and can say that I had a front row seat for history. Hopefully, the Brits don’t think I am a total nob, but then again, it isn’t likely that anything I said will be remembered.

Wii would like to play…


Husband’s Mom and Dad  have returned from the mission in Canada, and on the drive home they stopped in Chicago for a few days to visit us. Hurray for our first Chicago visitors! We had to introduce them to Wii and all the fun games to be played. While it took them longer to figure out how to drive in Mario Cart, they seemed to really enjoy bOwLiNg. No heavy ball to lift, but still a great game.

It was great to see mom and dad BoXiNg each other. Take it easy tiger, it’s just a game… What a workout, even my arms were tired after a few rounds. We could not go without creating a Mii for them. I get a kick out of how much their Mii looked like them.