Calmer Colors


So, this has taken me forever, but I am finally posting pictures our our new place. Previously I posted pictures of our new place before we moved in. Remember the orange walls? And the blue and silver stripe? They have disappeared. We thought we were going to paint green, with a lighter green vertical stripe, but decided that would take too long and went with blue instead. I love blue, it makes me feel calm and like I’m at the beach. Husband also let me sell his mis-matched bookshelves and once we arrived in Chicago we went to IKEA to get matching ones with doors! (Thank you Husband!)
While we are not yet done painting the entire place, the main two rooms that were way off our color liking are done. Soon, as in a month before we move out, we’ll get curtains hung and any final touches done. I hope for sooner, but….


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  1. LOVE, love, LOVE IT! The living room with the matching bookshelves look FANTASTIC against that powder blue! Isn’t it so much happier to have color in your home?! I miss my old VA apartment with my red kitchen. ::sniff:: But we just took another job down in my hometown and are moving AGAIN, so we are HOUSE HUNTING!!! I’m SO excited to own my own place and paint the walls happy colors again! 🙂 HORAAY for PRETTY COLORS!

  2. Hi girl! Just found your blog you know through blog stalking. Just wanted to say hi! Thanks again for having us over Lucas was so happy when we left I think it was because of Daisy.

  3. Jenny it looks awesome! I’m so glad that we were able to find each other out in cyberspace. I’ve been thinking about you a ton lately. You look so happy. I love to see what you are up to.

  4. I want bookshelves too! Do you think I’ll ever be the proud owner of a bookshelf? I want a black one to match all the black furniture I’ll someday get. You did a great job decorating. Come help me. I picked out a color that I now hate. :(I love your wood floors too! Your townhouse looks really pretty. Do you like it?

  5. I like the blue! You’re right that color is a calming kind of blue. Looks great!!! Looks like the previous owners of your place had quite the eclectic taste, either that or just couldn’t decide on one color! p.s. in my facebook pic where I’m holding that baby, I would love to say she’s mine, but that would be a lie! That’s Kim Cook’s baby girl Kiya. I got to see her for the first time a month ago at my sis’s wedding. We just got a puppy though so that will satisfy my baby hunger for awhile! (hopefully)

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