It’s a Digital World


So, we just got Photoshop CS3 and I’m loving it! I’m so glad that it came with a video of “how-to” instructions. There are so many options with digital. The best part about doing my scrapbook digitally, is that other than the cost of Photoshop, it’s been free to do! I’ve been downloading free background paper, embellishments and fonts! It’s amazing what can be found with the internet. I’m collecting digital paper and am ready to do a digital scrapbook.

I love that I get to keep scrapbooking my pictures and turn them into a book.
Husband loves it because I download free stuff and it’s no more money out of our pockets.


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  1. “We live in a digital world and you’re a digital girl”….it reminds me of a song. I love the page you made of the three musketeers! Do you like that? I just came up with it. The Three Musketeers. Oh but now Joshua feels left out. 😦

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