It Hurts Because its True


Given this recent foray into the wonderful world of web logs, I thought this was important. For other funnies, visit their website.

It reads : “Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”


About thismom

I'm a SAHM and love it. I'm also a wife to a wonderful husband, a fabricaholic and a traveler. Here is my life's adventure as a crafter and a Mother.

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  1. That is hilarious! I showed that to Jared and he even appreciated it. I love your blog! You are so stinkin creative! Hopefully some of that will wear off on me while I’m here. It’s been so fun doing stuff together! If you ever need anything or someone to go with you, you know my schedule is pretty open. 🙂

  2. Who is Chelsey Meier? I hope she is your new good friend! Not new best friend just new good friend. :p I’m not jealous…I knew you’d make lots of friends because you’re so darn friendly! 🙂 I hope you make lots and lots more! Okay, so I am going to steal this post and put in on my blog. Can I please oh please?

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