Called To Serve……

So, I know I haven’t put pictures up of our new place and our paint job. That is going to still have to wait because school is kicking my butt, and I can’t think straight until Sunday rolls around. This past Sunday (week before General Conference) a ton of new people move in because U of C starts. I’m more interested in meeting new people because that is what I like to do. Although I can’t ever hang out with them because I’m too busy stressing about school. So both Husband and I have callings in the ward. Husband is the Ward Chorister, and Choir Director! And I (Wife) on the other hand get to be the new Sunbeam 4 teacher!

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  1. SO jealous! Y’all got two of my most favorite callings! I didn’t know David was in to music?! I hope you have a blast with those Sunbeams! You’ll both do great!

  2. That last comment was actually from ME! Sorry to make you think Spencer was still alive… you know he’s not social! 😉 I didn’t realize I was signed in under his name! Silly me.

  3. FYI: David is very into music. He as written some piano tunes. We have and he plays, trumpet, guitar, piano, and a few others, but I’m not sure what they are called. David is very musically talented.

  4. That’s a fun calling for you right? 🙂 Just pretend you’re teaching a lot of little Adams. He still will say out of the blue randomly…Mommy I miss Jenny let’s go o’or to her house. I didn’t know David was that talented in music but I’m not surprised. You can tell him I said that and he will smile. Mike always likes to hear how great he is too. :)I’m finally reading blogs again and trying to blog about so many things more…I’ll finish reading all of the posts I’ve missed out on tomorrow. It’s late! I hope you’re doing better. Hang in there! You’re the best!

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