L O N G Slide Show of Our Hawaii Trip


Finally, some pictures of our Hawaii trip that we almost didn’t come home from. Sorry for the delay, school and work have really kept me busy.

I really enjoyed Hawaii, the laid back feel and the beach, I LOVE THE BEACH.

I’ll keep it short so you can watch the show….I swam a lot, went toHusband’s friend’s Stake Party, we went to the beach where they film “Lost”, drove by the Dole plantation, hiked in to see a tiny waterfall, swam some more, saw a lot of Sea Turtles, and we also went to the Temple. Enjoy the show; IT’S LONG! I just couldn’t leave much out, and just think this is only 1/3 of our pictures!


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  1. That looked like SO much fun to be around such beauty! I would never want to leave either. It’s one of my goals in life to be able to say I’ve been to Hawaii… One day. Anyway, just wanted to say HELLO and GOOD LUCK in school! I know you’re staying busy with it all, but I think it’s so fabulous you get to go. I can honestly say that I’m jealous…I’ve been wishing I could go back to school, too.

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