Monthly Archives: September 2008

Called To Serve……

So, I know I haven’t put pictures up of our new place and our paint job. That is going to still have to wait because school is kicking my butt, and I can’t think straight until Sunday rolls around. This past Sunday (week before General Conference) a ton of new people move in because U of C starts. I’m more interested in meeting new people because that is what I like to do. Although I can’t ever hang out with them because I’m too busy stressing about school. So both Husband and I have callings in the ward. Husband is the Ward Chorister, and Choir Director! And I (Wife) on the other hand get to be the new Sunbeam 4 teacher!

Court Date


No this is not a court date for our stolen camera. Although, I kind of wish it was, I’d like to get our money back we paid the movers and the cost of the camera, them thieves! While moving to Chicago has been very bumpy, here is one small reason I’m glad we moved out of Virginia. I believe this would be my second Summons for Jury Duty. My first was in Colorado Springs, but my number was not called, so I did not have to go. I guess it comes down to I am not confident enough in myself to judge someone else like that, and share my opinion to the rest of the jury. It is a scary thought for me to be a juror.

On to other news….Husband is on his last business trip, and then he starts school too. I am glad for no more business trips, particularly here in Chicago, I do not like having Husband gone and me home alone in this still new city.

Classes are kicking my butt, while not too hard, it is just a big change from playing and making cards all day with best friend Jennifer, to 6 hours of school Monday and Wednesday and tons of homework that needs to be done in a day. It may sound like I have some days off, but it works out to me only having Sunday to do what I want, and even then, it is church day. Some day I’ll be able to manage my time better and get everything done and be able to play again and make some new friends.

Until then, back to the books!

L O N G Slide Show of Our Hawaii Trip


Finally, some pictures of our Hawaii trip that we almost didn’t come home from. Sorry for the delay, school and work have really kept me busy.

I really enjoyed Hawaii, the laid back feel and the beach, I LOVE THE BEACH.

I’ll keep it short so you can watch the show….I swam a lot, went toHusband’s friend’s Stake Party, we went to the beach where they film “Lost”, drove by the Dole plantation, hiked in to see a tiny waterfall, swam some more, saw a lot of Sea Turtles, and we also went to the Temple. Enjoy the show; IT’S LONG! I just couldn’t leave much out, and just think this is only 1/3 of our pictures!

Moving to Hawaii


So there must be something in the air, as soon as I got out of the plane and driving on the road, I decided that we’re not going back to Chicago, but that we’re going to live here in Hawaii now. I say it’s in the air, because Husband is almost seriously considering staying here too.

Needless to say, Hawaii is a wonderful place to be and we will defiantly be back here again. I’ll put a slide show together of more of our pictures when we get back from the beach.