Move in – File a Police Report – unpack…..


We made it to Chicago and our internet is finally working, so I can finally post about our adventures. I got some great pictures of our drive out here. All the state signs, Daisy sleeping in the truck with me. Me painting our new place a much calmer color. However I can’t post these pictures for you because the men we hired to help us un-load our truck into the house decided to STEAL our camera! We’re very upset about this and are not sure if we really like it here or not. Not a good welcome to Chicago if we say so. We’ve filed a police report and hope that something will come of it. It seems as though something always goes wrong when we buy a camera and always have to buy two. Hopefully the second one we bought will get here in time for us to go to Hawaii.

Other than the theft, I like Chicago. Riding CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) public transportation, I feel like I carry myself more confidently. I’ve been up to my school a few times and started work and starting to be involved with school. It takes me about half an hour to get to IIT (school) and it’s right by the White Sox stadium. Classes start in a few days and I’m nervous/excited. It’s not always about what you know, it’s more in who you know. Espically in business.

We’re mostly un-packed and have painted two rooms. The living room and second bedroom “office” is now a calm light blue. We still need to paint the puke green stairways a light brown color and the master bath (which is now a shiny gold) possibly light brown or white. Having to work so close together (Husband and I) and all the frustration has really put us in bad moods, but on Tuesday the ward had a speical Initiory Temple trip and that was really good for us to do. The Chicago Temple is a lot like the Boise Temple (where I grew up). This was the first time I’ve done initory for others, what a great experiance.

So, until we get a new camera (again) no pictures. But we’re well and moved in.


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  1. What a bummer. I was so looking forward to those pictures when you talked about all the state signs. Well hopefully they find those guys and you can get it back. Welcome to Chicago! When you do get your new camera let us see what your new place looks like! Nikki

  2. Did you change up your slide show? I think I see pictures I’ve never before seen on there. 🙂 Maybe I’m just imagining. Other than having to file a police report the first day, do you feel pretty safe in your new home? I hope so, that is very important! Yes, take lots of pictures when you get your new camera! I want to see your fine paint jobs so we can copy…I LOVE to paint! I hope you have a great first few days of school and great days after that too…:)

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