BlogSpot or BragSpot?


Even though this next month is going to be really busy, I have to pause to brag about what we get to go do amongst everything else.


Husband is going to Hawaii for a business trip for two weeks, since the second Monday he’s there is labor day, I’m going to fly in for the long weekend. The greatest part is it’s only costing us $10! ($10 for flight; rental car and hotel are paid for by Husband’s company). Husband has been on so many business trips this summer that we’ve earned enough miles to get me to Hawaii and back; now…what to do with the dog? Okay, so I will miss one class to take this trip, but it’s early, I can afford to miss it, right? This is also the reason for the push to get a working (waterproof) camera.This week we move (and I start work at the Art Gallery).
Next week I un-pack and start classes.
The following weekend is Hawaii!

Pictures will come of beautiful Hawaii. I do have to pause also to tell all my readers how wonderful my husband is and I’m grateful for his job in allowing us to do so many trips like this and paying for the rental car and the hotel. Love and appreciation goes out to Husband for not leaving me behind, especially on this trip.


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  1. Good luck on your move this week. WOOOOWHOOO! Watch out Hawaii…Here comes JENNY!! That’s SO exciting! All the more exciting is only having to pay $10 bucks. I’d skip a class for that, too. 😉 I hope y’all have an outrageously FuN time!

  2. Okay, this I really am jealous of though. I’ve never been anywhere as cool as Hawaii. We went to Miami right before Adam was born but I think Hawaii would beat Miama all 7 days of the week. I hope you have so so so much fun!

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