"Oh No!" Camera Story


Two years ago Husband bought me a camera for my birthday! Hurray! Well, I took it on a trip with some family and we got in a canoe to see the lake, camera in my pocket three of us got in and the canoe tipped over! All three of us underwater, and my new camera, in my pocket in the lake. When I got home from that trip, I bought myself the exact same camera because I love it so much, but this time I bought the water proof case with it. The water proof case worked great! We got some great shots when Husband and I went to Sea World. Well, recently, my Dad and I toured DC when he was here, and I dropped the camera at the botanical gardens. No damage I thought, until a week later when the camera sounded sick every time we turned it on and would not focus on anything. Oh bother, not another camera!

We just can’t be without a camera, I just won’t have it. So last night we went and bought a camera. As we were looking, I saw an advertisement for a camera that you could take 33 feet into the water (without an extra waterproof case), and you could drop 6 feet without any damage. Sounds like my kind of camera! Olympus Stylus 1030 SW

A little more than we wanted to spend, but apparently with my camera history well worth the investment. Just like that you can take it into the water! I’m amazed. It’s almost unbelievable.


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  1. I’d say I’m jealous because it’s a very nice camera but I really lucked out with my camera so I am happy with what I have. Although I really hate that I can’t turn off the flash without the picture coming out fuzzy. Grrr….is that normal for all digital cameras? Don’t get me wrong though if I didn’t have the camera I have I would be way jealous and want one just like yours. 🙂

  2. Can you send me the pictures you took of Adam tonight with your new snazzy camera? Now that you have a new camera you should take lots and lots of pictures so you can blog lots and lots…take pictures of everything! I do! 😛

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