My Friends


So, Jennifer told me she had a project and needed to go to The Container Store and invited me to go along. I was excited to go because I love The Container Store, I had my shopping list and budget in hand when Jennifer came to pick me up. First we had to go out to dinner, nobody likes to shop hungry. She took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Italian Bertucci’s. We walk in and I didn’t suspect a thing, until Jennifer said, “oh, look who’s here, maybe we should just go eat with them”, pointing at Natalie and Maribel (with soon to arrive Lacey J.). I started crying. Jennifer didn’t plan on going to The Container Store, she planned a goodbye girls dinner party for me.

We ordered three dishes that looked good and ate family style (because that’s what us girls are, family). We each had some of each plate and decided what dish we liked best. Baked Tortellini & Chicken Gratinati Tri-colored cheese tortellini with chicken, cream, ricotta, mozzarella and Romano, brick oven-baked and sprinkled with diced plum tomatoes. This was the favorite among us.

I’m so sad to be moving, I’ve never made friends like this. For some reason (especially in college) I never kept real good girlfriends. Not to take away from the greatness of all the girls in the picture, but Jennifer is my BEST friend. I owe a lot to her. I never really knew how a bestfriendship worked or felt, but now I do. My first Best Friend, Jennifer Wolford, thank you for putting together the girls dinner. Your are so wonderful, thoughtful, kind, loving and everything else. It’s amazing how much alike we are. I think it’s in the name, we think a lot alike. Thank you for being there for me and for listening to me and being my BEST FRIEND! I love you Jen.


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  1. Haha….but really I think you’re the great friend for wanting to hang out with me so much! Surprise dinner was the least I could do after you had a baby shower for me that has allowed me to get the cutest nursery ever and a darn good double stroller. 🙂

  2. I found your blog! Yay!! ^_^ Glad to know things are going well. You called when we were vacationing in McCall, but we’re back and it’s all good. Thank you for the hilariously funny Dave Barry book!!! We read it on the way up and down from McCall and it’s awesome. (and pretty accurate) Thanks for thinking about us!! ^_^

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