When I’m found


I just want to say to my one fan out there (thanks Jennifer for reading and commenting on my blog), that when I someday find myself I want to be just like this woman in the picture. No, this is not a magazine for anything, this is my Aunt. She is so much fun and she is always happy; she does a little bit of anything and everything in life (literally). Aunt  is so loving and patient and giving and loves the Lord unconditionally. Family is important to her along with her husband and also the gospel. Aunt is so down to earth and just loves and is happy.

Aunt, my hat is off to you, thank you for being there in my life and for being such a great example always, for loving your family (even way past generations), for continuing to be adventurous, and for knowing what to do with your heart full of love, and for putting the Lord first in your life. I love you Aunt, always have and always will.


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  1. I loved your opening statement, of course! I loved seeing your name at the top of my list of bloggers…meaning you’d just added a new post! Yeah! You see I check my blog way too much. 🙂 Your aunt looks like someone I’d like to meet. Jenny I think I’m just now realizing that you will be gone soon and it makes me so sad. 😦 Hopefully we can be good friends forever, and I really mean it! Thanks to you introducing me to bloggiing I don’t think we’ll ever loose touch…as long as we both keep blogging. Maybe you can introduce me to your aunt someday…your description makes her sound like someone I also want to be like.

  2. Jenny!!Nikki gave me your address and I lost it awhile ago. SO gladd i foudn you again. Good luck in Chicago and your new house. I love green walls, and it looks great with black furniture.

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