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Move in – File a Police Report – unpack…..


We made it to Chicago and our internet is finally working, so I can finally post about our adventures. I got some great pictures of our drive out here. All the state signs, Daisy sleeping in the truck with me. Me painting our new place a much calmer color. However I can’t post these pictures for you because the men we hired to help us un-load our truck into the house decided to STEAL our camera! We’re very upset about this and are not sure if we really like it here or not. Not a good welcome to Chicago if we say so. We’ve filed a police report and hope that something will come of it. It seems as though something always goes wrong when we buy a camera and always have to buy two. Hopefully the second one we bought will get here in time for us to go to Hawaii.

Other than the theft, I like Chicago. Riding CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) public transportation, I feel like I carry myself more confidently. I’ve been up to my school a few times and started work and starting to be involved with school. It takes me about half an hour to get to IIT (school) and it’s right by the White Sox stadium. Classes start in a few days and I’m nervous/excited. It’s not always about what you know, it’s more in who you know. Espically in business.

We’re mostly un-packed and have painted two rooms. The living room and second bedroom “office” is now a calm light blue. We still need to paint the puke green stairways a light brown color and the master bath (which is now a shiny gold) possibly light brown or white. Having to work so close together (Husband and I) and all the frustration has really put us in bad moods, but on Tuesday the ward had a speical Initiory Temple trip and that was really good for us to do. The Chicago Temple is a lot like the Boise Temple (where I grew up). This was the first time I’ve done initory for others, what a great experiance.

So, until we get a new camera (again) no pictures. But we’re well and moved in.

BlogSpot or BragSpot?


Even though this next month is going to be really busy, I have to pause to brag about what we get to go do amongst everything else.


Husband is going to Hawaii for a business trip for two weeks, since the second Monday he’s there is labor day, I’m going to fly in for the long weekend. The greatest part is it’s only costing us $10! ($10 for flight; rental car and hotel are paid for by Husband’s company). Husband has been on so many business trips this summer that we’ve earned enough miles to get me to Hawaii and back; now…what to do with the dog? Okay, so I will miss one class to take this trip, but it’s early, I can afford to miss it, right? This is also the reason for the push to get a working (waterproof) camera.This week we move (and I start work at the Art Gallery).
Next week I un-pack and start classes.
The following weekend is Hawaii!

Pictures will come of beautiful Hawaii. I do have to pause also to tell all my readers how wonderful my husband is and I’m grateful for his job in allowing us to do so many trips like this and paying for the rental car and the hotel. Love and appreciation goes out to Husband for not leaving me behind, especially on this trip.

"Oh No!" Camera Story


Two years ago Husband bought me a camera for my birthday! Hurray! Well, I took it on a trip with some family and we got in a canoe to see the lake, camera in my pocket three of us got in and the canoe tipped over! All three of us underwater, and my new camera, in my pocket in the lake. When I got home from that trip, I bought myself the exact same camera because I love it so much, but this time I bought the water proof case with it. The water proof case worked great! We got some great shots when Husband and I went to Sea World. Well, recently, my Dad and I toured DC when he was here, and I dropped the camera at the botanical gardens. No damage I thought, until a week later when the camera sounded sick every time we turned it on and would not focus on anything. Oh bother, not another camera!

We just can’t be without a camera, I just won’t have it. So last night we went and bought a camera. As we were looking, I saw an advertisement for a camera that you could take 33 feet into the water (without an extra waterproof case), and you could drop 6 feet without any damage. Sounds like my kind of camera! Olympus Stylus 1030 SW

A little more than we wanted to spend, but apparently with my camera history well worth the investment. Just like that you can take it into the water! I’m amazed. It’s almost unbelievable.

My Friends


So, Jennifer told me she had a project and needed to go to The Container Store and invited me to go along. I was excited to go because I love The Container Store, I had my shopping list and budget in hand when Jennifer came to pick me up. First we had to go out to dinner, nobody likes to shop hungry. She took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Italian Bertucci’s. We walk in and I didn’t suspect a thing, until Jennifer said, “oh, look who’s here, maybe we should just go eat with them”, pointing at Natalie and Maribel (with soon to arrive Lacey J.). I started crying. Jennifer didn’t plan on going to The Container Store, she planned a goodbye girls dinner party for me.

We ordered three dishes that looked good and ate family style (because that’s what us girls are, family). We each had some of each plate and decided what dish we liked best. Baked Tortellini & Chicken Gratinati Tri-colored cheese tortellini with chicken, cream, ricotta, mozzarella and Romano, brick oven-baked and sprinkled with diced plum tomatoes. This was the favorite among us.

I’m so sad to be moving, I’ve never made friends like this. For some reason (especially in college) I never kept real good girlfriends. Not to take away from the greatness of all the girls in the picture, but Jennifer is my BEST friend. I owe a lot to her. I never really knew how a bestfriendship worked or felt, but now I do. My first Best Friend, Jennifer Wolford, thank you for putting together the girls dinner. Your are so wonderful, thoughtful, kind, loving and everything else. It’s amazing how much alike we are. I think it’s in the name, we think a lot alike. Thank you for being there for me and for listening to me and being my BEST FRIEND! I love you Jen.

When I’m found


I just want to say to my one fan out there (thanks Jennifer for reading and commenting on my blog), that when I someday find myself I want to be just like this woman in the picture. No, this is not a magazine for anything, this is my Aunt. She is so much fun and she is always happy; she does a little bit of anything and everything in life (literally). Aunt  is so loving and patient and giving and loves the Lord unconditionally. Family is important to her along with her husband and also the gospel. Aunt is so down to earth and just loves and is happy.

Aunt, my hat is off to you, thank you for being there in my life and for being such a great example always, for loving your family (even way past generations), for continuing to be adventurous, and for knowing what to do with your heart full of love, and for putting the Lord first in your life. I love you Aunt, always have and always will.