Artistic Licence?


“Your contagious energy set you apart from the rest. Your experience will help, too. Plus, Fabio has a great eye and would not have recommended you unless there was something special there. So yes, you are art@IIT’s Gallery Coordinator, congrats! We have a really full and exciting year planned.” – Mindy

Mind you at orientation I only met Fabio briefly and Mindy only in passing. Not only am I excited to go back to school and finish my education, but to put my past photography love and my new organizing love together in one job! WOW! Art Gallery Coordinator sounds so official, sounds like fun!

Check out ‘our’ (the gallery’s) website!


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  1. Jenny you are the best! I hope you have lots of fun at your new job and with school and everything! I hope you never get bored of me commenting on your blog so much…Congrats on your pay raise. You haven’t even started working and they already want to give you promotions…you must be good! šŸ™‚ No, you’re great!

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