Painting Our New Place


So right now this is what our new place looks like, bright orange and matching nothing that we have.
So I’ve been trying to come up with a color that both Husband and I will enjoy that is not white. Here is what I came up with….

The blue is my decor I already have and a curtain, the black is our furniture, the tan is stairways and the green is going to be the main color with stripes of a lighter green.

Now what about this second bedroom, what are we going to do with it?!? The brown, as I recall, isn’t too bad, but it brings the feel of the room way down and not as happy.

Let me know what you think and once we get moved and paint it, I’ll send a real picture of our new place in CHICAGO!

If you would like our new address and don’t have it, that probably means we don’t have your email address. Let me know what it is and we’ll email you our new mailing address.


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  1. I love how you did the small scale design for your paint scheme. Like a true interior designer! 🙂 You’ll make a great interior decorator/professional organizer someday…you should really start your own business with the experience and education you’ll gain from your business degree. Tonya also said this when she saw you at our home inspection.

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