Wife is Going to School Too!


So not only is Husband going to UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Wife has been accepted to IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology. Here I get to finish my Bachelors in Business; hoping it will only take 4 semesters to do it (2 years).
We’re going in two weeks to find a place to live in the Hyde Park area. We’re going to be very busy in the next two months in preparation of moving, and some more business trips.
Back to the Starving Student days for us.


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  1. Congratulations, Jenny! I hope you won’t be too busy to hang out with your newest best friend (Adam-oh and his mommy) a few more times before leaving! 🙂 I’m done working July 14th so you should ask for help with all the things you need to prepare (except lifting-Adam and I aren’t so good at that). You should tell your landlord we’d like to take over your lease and pretend we’re the Benson’s so we don’t have to sign a year lease. 🙂 You’ll be missed!

  2. Congratulations! That will be so good for you, I’m sure! I miss school so much and sometimes think about going back for a 2nd degree. Good luck with all of the moving preparation! Trust me, I know how exhausting that is…but EXCITING!

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