Monthly Archives: June 2008

Crafty Crafts


When I get excited about something, I really go all out. Ever since Christmas 2007 when all I did at Mom’s house was stamp cards, I haven’t been able to stop. Thanks to Stampin’ Up! I am able to create some great cards. The ones in the pictures are made out of my scraps that I had; so they’re not even the good ones.

I’ve also been to a few Ward sewing classes and have been loving it. I started by making a shirt, then some pillow cases and then a bag. In fact, Husband liked the bag so much he asked me to make one for him to use as a scripture bag. I got so excited about sewing that I look at things now and think, “how hard would that be to make”. I saw a purse that I liked at church and the owner let me borrow it, so I copied the bag and made one of my own. The original is blue denim, and I made mine in white denim.

We all do things that we just have to show off because we’re so proud of it. I’m so excited that I have some crafts to work on to keep myself busy. Well…until classes start anyway.

Wife is Going to School Too!


So not only is Husband going to UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Wife has been accepted to IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology. Here I get to finish my Bachelors in Business; hoping it will only take 4 semesters to do it (2 years).
We’re going in two weeks to find a place to live in the Hyde Park area. We’re going to be very busy in the next two months in preparation of moving, and some more business trips.
Back to the Starving Student days for us.