Monthly Archives: May 2008

I failed to mention….


Okay, so I apparently left a few things out.  Husband has a ton of business trips and I’ve included some pictures of when Daisy and I got to tag along to Virginia Beach. Daisy and I did everything while Husband was working.

We went to Great Falls National Park for a Saturday hike. It was so lovely. Daisy loved hiking, but not so great at sitting still for the camera. We hiked about 6 miles.

Husband and I also attended the annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in DC. BEAUTIFUL! I love Cherry Blossoms. Here are just a few pictures.

UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO here we come. Husband got accepted to the masters program; International Relations at University of Chicago. We look forward to moving to the windy city mid August.

This is just every day life for this family. Always on the move, always doing something. Since I still really like photography, that’s how I tell our story. Sit back and enjoy the shows.