Crusing into our First Year of Marriage


I have so much to say! Husband and I have been married 1 whole year now; and to celebrate we went on a Princess Cruise to the Mexican Riviera for 7 days. We started in Los Angeles, sailed for 2 or so days, making our first stop in Puerto Vallarta. Here Husband and I stayed away from the tourist stops and went horseback riding in the country side. We took a break at a locals and got to swim bareback with a horse. While we were able to see a lot of good shows on the ship, our next stop was Mazatlan. Here we took liberty to tour around ourselves. Not wanting to go to the touristie Americanized Mexico, we started in old town, we walked around and got lost a little, ate ourselves a fresh coconut (it was pretty good), and then took a taxi to the “Golden Zone” (all the shopping) since we had so much time still. We ended up walking back to our ship, they say 8 miles but we’re not sure, however it took us 2.5 hours to walk that far. Hopefully all that walking made up for all the delicious non-stop food that was available on board. Our last stop before heading home was Cabo San Lucas; while a lot of fun, I can’t tell you much about Cabo itself, we only saw the port and not much over the mountain. We window shopped before heading out on a 1800’s “pirate” ship (really from the 1800’s, but don’t think it was really a pirate ship). We sailed out, didn’t get much wind, then sailed back in the Sea of Cortez, where we went snorkeling. The water was pretty nice, but I’m always afraid of something biting my toes; Husband on the other hand is an experienced diver. We swam around trying to take pictures of each other underwater, and the rocks we saw (no fish). Although as you see in the slide show, we took pictures of fish (we didn’t see them, but apparently they were there. We started swimming to Lover’s Beach but had a hard time going around the rocks because of the current, and by the time we were going around the rocks, we got stung by invisible (tiny) jellyfish. We only had a half day here, time to sail back home. It was exhausting playing so hard for 3 days straight; we did a lot of sleeping in on the few days home. We met a lot of interesting people on board, had a ton of fun and enjoyed our celebration of our one year of marriage.


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